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I met Bart a few years ago. He had been on the registration list for a while, but his busy work schedule kept him from coming by. And there he was, determined as he still is, ready to give the very best of himself in the divemaster course. And one thing leads to another. Bart became OWSI, MSDT, IDC-Staff and now Master Instructor.  But on top of all this, Bart became a personal friend, a like-minded person, an ally.

Bart's ambition knows no boundaries, always looking for more knowledge. And he likes to pass on this knowledge, with a drive and a sense of perfection that is rarely seen. A given diving course is not just a course, but it has been prepared down to the smallest detail. Perfection is the key word. His lessons are an example in the diving industry. Bart brings out the best of himself in every candidate.  It is a privilege for me to be able to work with an instructor like Bart on all levels: from beginner courses to instructors.

As chairman of the diving club Bubbledivers, a club of which I am the base, he has made this club grow into a rare, hidden pearl in the diving world. A club where safety, diversity, friendship and family character are the main assets. Bart's eye for detail and perfection make this club a safe haven where many feel at home. I am proud of this chairman at the helm of this wonderful club!




If I was to summarise Bart in one word, it would be definitely be STYLE.

When I first met him, it struck me in his appearance but soon after, in his capacity to embody his very own vision of the world through many different aspects. 
Besides being a big fan of his photography, to me, Bart is also a very talented architect and designer with an original and inspirational touch. Having the capacity to look at things from another perspective and through a different angle is rare and it is always a special feeling to meet someone who manages to express through various forms of visual arts what others hold within their imagination.  
Among other qualities, I admire his sense of humour, his good heart, his generosity and his capacity to gather people throughout his passion for his work, his family & friends and his diving activities.

As some of my former diving students, Bart is to Tom what Laurel is to Hardy I guess : inseparables. It is always with great pleasure I follow their activities and get to meet them again for they manage to combine the fun of the passion we all share for diving with the focus and serious attitude required when planning their dives. 
This website is another illustration of Bart’s will to share his passions and his talent to do so.





I had the pleasure to have Bart Cobbaert in one of my technical courses, he is a fast learning person, precise in what he does and loves the steps that a technical dive involves.

His performance by the end of the course was outstanding, everything was running like a Swiss clock, like it should be on any dive.

No failures, all smooth and precise.

Skill wise it was just excellent, trim, finning techniques, gas switches, team work etc...

He has always been very focused on what he did and the safety aspect was also a point that he would never shortcut.

I can only highly advice him and not only is he a nice and humble person but he lives his passion like not many do!


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If it weren't for Bart I wouldn't be the diver I am today.

Starting out as a fresh PADI Open Water Diver back in the day, Bart guided me towards getting my PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification. What I first considered to be an endpoint in my diving career, quickly turned out to be the first step of our shared pathway, eventually leading to me becoming a PADI Divemaster, all under Bart’s guidance and supervision.

During all PADI Specialty Courses Bart taught me – ranging from Night Diver over Deep Diver to Navigation Diver and Sidemount Diver, just to name a few. It became clear that Bart is a very skilled and knowledgeable diver.

With his huge attention to detail, an eye for aesthetics, a fine sense of humor, but above all A HUGE PASSION FOR DIVING, Bart took each course to the next level. Thank you Bart for being this very skilled and passionate diver, always willing to share his knowledge and full of good advice (both diving as non-diving related). Thank you for being my mentor.

Apart from our instructor-student connection, I've also come to know Bart (and his lifepartner Delphine and children) through our shared membership of diving club BUBBLEDIVERS.

Bart takes his role as chairman seriously, and invests a lot of time and effort to keep the wheels turning, all whilst remaining approachable, objective, and open. Using clear and welcoming communication, Bart can motivate other/aspirant members, build up and share a vision, delegate the work, keep the good spirit alive, … It's a true honor to have Bart at the helm of our club!





I met Bart in 2018 during some technical diver training in Gozo when we worked together for his PADI Tec 50 course.
Bart had a really positive attitude towards his training and wanted the best from his time in Gozo.  After a few days I got a better idea of his goals and motivations for diving - it was to improve his own knowledge and skill set, but also to be able to deliver a higher level of training to his students - which is something he is clearly very passionate about.

Bart raised some of the most challenging questions during our theory sessions and it was great to see how he was mastering the technical diving theory.  In the water, Bart demonstrated focus and attention to detail that made the dives work really well and he soon became proficient at the level he had aimed for.

I met Bart again in 2019 when he attended his Intro to Cave course and I joined him in the classroom.  Again it was clear that he had a passion for "knowing" and getting to the reasons for skills and protocols - something that shows an aware and open diver.

Being a great dive instructor takes more than just skills and knowledge - you must have passion, energy and a sense of enjoyment of what you are doing - Bart has all of these ingredients and his students will clearly be benefiting from that on every course.

Hoping to catch some dives with you any time!



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