The BUBBLEDIVERS vzw was born in 2011.

In 2015 the General Assembly appointed me as chairman. 

I consider the democratization of the club as one of my most important achievements.

At the beginning of 2022 I decided to step aside and leave room for new blood.


During the school year, training sessions take place in the swimming pool 'Strop' Ghent.

Every two weeks, and even more frequently in the high season, you can participate in an outdoor dive. 
Twice a year we go on weekends. The foreign club trip is an annual highlight.





Diving gives me peace and I like to share this fascinating world with others.

I am trained as an PADI Master Instructor.

I offered various training courses: ranging from beginner level (Discover Scuba Diving, Scubadiver, Open Water Diver) to Advanced Open Water, Rescue and EFR (Emergency First Response), specialties (Peak Performance Buoyancy, Deep, Wreck, Navigation, Night, Drift, Drysuit, Nitrox , Sidemount, DPV, Self-reliant,...), Divemaster,... to IDC assistance.

As of early 2022, I am no longer an active practicing instructor.
Nevertheless, I still like to share my experience and knowledge.
On request, I help by means of personal tips and tricks.





My first diving experience dates from 2001.
During a backpacking trip with friends I ended up in Palau Kecil Malysia. So, like so many others, I obtained my PADI Open Water on hollidays.

Afterwards I founded a family, renovated a boat and established the architectural practice DENC-STUDIO.

This was a busy period with little time for hobbies. 

Ten years later I took up diving again.

My special thanks go out to Course Director PETER ROMBAUT. He was my mentor throughout the entire training process. We became friends.


Under the motto 'standing still is going backwards', I participated various additional training and graduation courses.

I love the humor and admire the wide experience of TOM STEINER VAN DEN OUWEELEN.

I really like the AUDREY CUDEL approach. Her sidemount and cave diving courses are outstanding and we share a passion for photography.

VAS PROUD shows how you can turn your passion into a business: a diver by design.

Their different approach was an enrichment and added value. 





While diving I don't drag expensive cameras, balancing beams and large video lights. 

Underwater I enjoy not being chased by the smartphone. I cherish the peace and tranquility.

That is why I only use a small action camera.


For me, green/blue/copper colored water may also reflected in the images.​

I do not compensate for the underwater color reduction through filters.

The abstraction or discoloration of the images can even help to dramatize the statues or wrecks.

I am not looking for the perfectly colored photo without grain; just give me a raw artist impression. I want to feel the roughness of a drift dive.

Photos and videos can be a good support for diving analysis.
My buddies are happy with the memories. Quite a few have already asked to use a photo as their new profile picture.​